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Projects focused on making landscape and heritage more accessible.

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Thorne Waterfront – Canal Community Connections  Towpath’s along the canal in Thorne have been upgraded to offer enjoyable circular routes, and ensuring a safe, multi-user facility, creating some environmental enhancements and delivery an interpretation scheme linking the town with its waterside.

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Thorne to Crowle Moors Access Bridge To install a new footbridge across the drain on the eastern boundary of Thorne Moors with Crowle Moors following the route of the Peatlands Way. To give the visitor a new experience of the National Nature Reserve and speed up access to this eastern side of Thorne following access improvements on Crowle Moors.

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Hatfield Viewing Towers  Two new platforms have been installed that overlook the old peat milled fields and Packard’s Heath where nightjars breed each year. The platforms give the visitor a new experience of the National Nature Reserve – allowing new values and perspectives to be achieved over the important landscapes of the Humberhead Peatlands.

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Isle of Axholme Greenway – The Isle of Axholme Greenway has received multiple upgrades, opening up a route from Scunthorpe, to Gunness, Keadby, and Crowle to Medge Hall; with further work needed to complete this full route to Thorne.  Work is now being undertaken to link parts fo the Greenway that connects North from Haxey, finally joining this route to the Greenway that runs along the canal.

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Community Grant Scheme – The Community Fund will support local heritage projects to support the delivery of the scheme’s outcomes. Expressions of interest will be sought annually, with an allocated budget of £15,000 per year. Successful projects will be supported by the scheme’s core team to develop and also present themselves as mentors to future applicants.

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Education Transport Support – This project will work to tackle one of the key constraints preventing school children and schools using key sites for educational visits from nearby communities of interest. This includes Goole, Doncaster and Scunthorpe. It will subsidise bus/coach travel for schools to engage them on educational visits at key sites in the scheme.

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Activity Plan – Landscape Skills and Engagement – The project will form a foundation that supports other activity, makes best use of the central scheme team, and adapts as the scheme develops over its lifetime. It will make the most of volunteer development and coordination of opportunities. A programme of heritage events and training will provide entry level involvement and move on to provide support and facilitate independent action. It will also have a targeted programme for communities of interest and youth audience. The final focus is art as an engagement medium.

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