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Community Connections – Activity Plan

Bat Report 2018 – A report on the Isle of Axholme Bat Walks in September 2018.

Click the video tab to hear the bats out in Belton.

Archaeological Fieldwalking – A report on the volunteer fieldwalking activity during 2018.

Time & Place – Flaxen Locks to Retting Pits

Flax Growing Trial 2018 – A report on the trial of flax planting in the Isle of Axholme during 2018.

Time & Place – Castles and Manors

Check out the Video tab for an artistic impression animation of the Medieval Manor on the Vinegarth site and an animation of the Kinard Castle in Owston Ferry.

Mowbray Manor Revealed Leaflet – depicts the summary of the archaeological project at Vinegarth, Epworth 17-28 July 2018.

Medieval Manor FINAL Presentation – The presentation from the community event held on April 30, 2019.

Time & Place – Neolithic Trackway

A Collection of Poems – Poems written by members of the trackway and platform building group whilst building the reconstruction of the late neolithic timber monument on the Humberhead Peatlands NNR.

Neolithic Tool Use: how do we know? – a look at using microscopic techniques to understand which materials were processed in the past.

Time & Place – Lost Landscapes of Heroes

Owston Ferry’s Best Kept Secret – Read all about Owston Ferry’s best kept secret – WWII decoy airfield site