“Great event for all ages. Thank you! Will be useful for us as we home educate.”

Bat Walk, Epworth, October 2019

“I really enjoyed the whole thing especially watching the bats catch the insects.”

Bat Walk, Crowle Moors, September 2019

“A very enjoyable experience for both myself and my daughter. We really loved it, thank you.”

Bat Walk, Belton, September 2019

“Really enjoyed this and will pass my skills onto someone else if possible.”

Wreath Making, Epworth, December 2018

“We had a fab time pond dipping. We loved catching water scorpions; great diving beetles and water boatmen. Thank you very much.”

Pond Dipping, Crowle Moors, August 2018

“Very interesting for our grandchildren, especially the one who normally runs a mile when anything flies or crawls nearby!.”

Minibeast Hunt, Epworth, August 2018