Project Overview

With the popularity of the Isle Greenway increasing, the IoAHC Partnership sought to engage with residents about their landscape using art.

The Isle Greenway is largely built on or along the industrial infrastructure of the Isle, running from East to West uses the Canal tow path and North to South uses the old Axholme Joint Railway line. There is a desire to engage with users to help them understand the historic use of this land, the resulting landscape and its current use as the greenway, corridors through the surrounding land for residents and wildlife.

Art on the Greenway Sculptures:

  • Deborah Firth was inspired by her own first experience of canals to create a stone sculpture depicting the water with ceramic fish. Through community workshops Deborah explored the types of fish that can be found in the waterways of the Isle of Axholme. She used a Roman technique to colour the ceramic fish before they were embedded in the stone sculpture.
  • Anna Masters created the piece ‘Growing Giants’ which saw a series of oversized metal flowers and plants erected along part of the Greenway. These were designed to help scatter seeds and act as perches to the wild birds of the area. This piece recognises and celebrates the unique flora and fauna of the area.
  • Joanne Meays created ‘Framing the Isle’ in which picture frames draw peoples gaze into a scene that would connect them with their landscape and cultural heritage. The picture frames are decorated with drawings that show the heritage or wildlife of that particular area. These drawings were designed by local residents and community groups during the workshops.
  • Mandy Keating took inspiration from Epworth born Benjamin Hunstman, an inventor and clock maker. She used old clock castings which she painted with imagery and patterns from the Isle of Axholme. These were mounted along the Greenway to become homes for local birds and wildlife.
  • Allen Stichler is a woodcarver who worked with Belton residents to create his piece. Each carved a piece of wood which was placed around Allen’s central totem. They explored the idea of the heritage of the Isle of Axholme, its folklore, its industries and what the area meant to them. Allen’s central carving takes inspiration from the wildlife and landscape of the area.
  • Kay Perry looked and the history and tradition behind the 800-year-old Haxey Hood to create her wooden carving of the Haxey Fool. She included carvings of wildlife found on the Greenway around Haxey which sit on the shoulders of the Fool. Community workshops helped her decide which wildlife to include in her carving.
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Lead: Isle of Axholme & Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership

Artists: Allen Stichler, Anna Masters, Deborah Firth, Joanne Meays, Kay Perry, Mandy Keating

Project Outcomes


Community engagement events
Community art installed




What difference has this project made reconnecting people with their landscape and cultural heritage?

The project engaged participating residents in using different forms of art during the community workshops which helped influence the final pieces of art. The Isle Greenway if largely built on or along the historic industrial infrastructure of the Isle, running East to West using the Canal tow path and North to South using the old Axholme Joint Railway Line. Workshops linked to each of the six sculptures explored different themes of the Greenway based on this industrial heritage, archaeological research and the diverse Greenway landscapes, habitats, and species.

For users of the Greenway, the resulting artworks provide an opportunity to ponder the landscape that surrounds them, connecting with unique local landscapes and interesting cultural heritage, and gaining an insight that might not always be obvious.

Future Plans

The artworks will be in place along the Greenway for at least 5 years.

Other Information


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