Volunteers weaving during flax workshop

Volunteers are an integral part of the Partnership.  With the efforts and assistance given by volunteers our projects will not only be successful, but the outcomes of the projects will positively impact those involved, residents and the local area.  In return volunteers will receive opportunities to acquire new skills, attend training sessions, workshops and events.

Volunteering has many benefits; meeting like-minded people, building confidence and promoting well being in new surroundings.

Volunteering can change perceptions and create a community of caring considerate individuals who keep alive traditions.

Gaining skills whilst volunteering with the project will help to form a knowledge and skill base within local communities that in the long term can safeguard their landscape and cultural heritage after the project has finished.


Karen's Story

The ‘Castles and Manors’ excavation at Epworth was also exciting stuff…looking for evidence of the Medieval Mowbray Manor.  Some amazing finds, great for my skills development…and muscle development in wielding a shovel and a mattock! Overall, an unmissable excavation experience with a great team of volunteers and professional archaeologists.  It was also great for the local community.  I grew up in Epworth and it was lovely to dig where I played as a child and see familiar faces at the very well-attended open day.  My little dog ‘Lily’ even came along to sniff approvingly at the vast amount of animal bones sitting in the trench one spoil heap (far too many to keep!) and to see where her mom had been for a fortnight.



Read all about Karen’s adventures whilst volunteering for us – https://troweltalesarchaeology.wordpress.com

James's Story
A resting adder (snake) within a hollow tree at Crowle Moors

“As well as helping with the physical side of coring, I am also an amateur photographer and the project has helped me in this regard as before it I would have never once considered taking pictures of what is essentially, dirt. However, much to my surprise, some of the samples we pulled up were not only informative but surprisingly pretty and made for great pictures, the project not only expanding my knowledge in areas completely new to me but helping me to re-evaluate my photography and the very idea of what is worth taking a picture of.”