“Loved it, thank you for a fantastic opportunity.”

Art on the Greenway Workshop Participant, 2021

“How to celebrate your first dig? You make a sculpture of course.”

Art on the Greenway Workshop Participant, 2021

“Local landowners have been generous with their knowledge and allowing access to their properties. This has proved most helpful uncovering sites that are currently not documented with the local Historic Environment Office. Recording a consortium of sites adds wealth to the local records and builds a much more accurate profile of military activity on the Isle of Axholme. It is also indicative as to what happened prior to the land being used for military purposes and what effects it has had on the developing and historic landscape. These new discoveries are exciting and the team are looking forward to further survey and recording work to see what else can be uncovered.”

Ian Rotherham, Landscape Heritage Research Foundation, 2018

“The Trackway project has been a breath of fresh air. A revelation, no less. It’s been great to work alongside local people and academics alike. All of whom have the same passion for interpretation of the past. The variety and scope of the project has tied everything together beautifully. I have been happy to contribute my time and energies to such a worthwhile cause. As far as I can tell, Access was available to all; in fact, people were actively encouraged to become involved. Barriers, were smashed; or at least put to one side. Everything had the feeling of openness. This in turn led to a greater level of involvement and understanding. Participation has thus been increased and I’m sure will continue to do so. Hopefully, in fact, I’m sure this will be simply the start of something really special. This is how the world of archaeology can coexist; in fact thrive in a world where everybody misses Time Team”

Community Builder, 2019

“Crowle Peatland Railway – Facinating! So much history that I didn’t know existed.”

Visitor, Heritage Open Day, 2019

“Fantastic to see the progress made so far. I will definitely be back in the future. Fantastic group of volunteers on site, very helpful and friendly. So pleased I managed to visit. Photos will eventually go onto my website which is all Narrow gauge and Miniature Railways NGON30. Many thanks to you all.”

Visitor, Heritage Openday, 2019

“Occupied and educated children for a couple of hours.”

Games from the Past – Owston Ferry Castle, 2018

“It was my first ever walk to the top of the castle mound and to see the view. The children especially enjoyed the marbles and quoits.”

Games from the Past – Owston Ferry Castle, 2018

“I had a great time on the dig. The briefing material was good and I felt that I had enough guidance whilst also allowed to get on with it. The day was enhanced by finding some interesting items. I look forward to reading the report.”

Volunteer, Medieval Manor Dig, 2018

“I enjoyed every minute, and would like to thank everyone for their patience in teaching the volunteers all the new techniques. So exciting to reveal our buried history.”

Volunteer, Medieval Manor Dig, 2018