“Good to catch up  with previous field walkers from the past.”

Volunteer, Field Walking, 2018

“Great opportunity, really enjoyed it, as I want a career in archaeology.”

Volunteer, Geophysics Workshop, 2018

“Good to renew finds identification knowledge.”

Volunteer, Field Walking, 2018

“It’s been enjoyable experience working together and I have really valued what I have learnt from you,thanks. Hopefully in the future there may be suitable opportunities that the students could apply for. One thing I do know is for our ‘regulars’ the goats and Crowle will always be remembered – they have indeed lived the John Muir ideals – Discovered, Explored, Conserved and Shared.”

Course Manager, John Leggott College, June 2018

“Thank you so much for yesterday, the children thoroughly enjoyed it despite the weather!.”

Haxey Primary School, September 2019

“Fabulous sessions, lots of local knowledge and things that really interested the children. Lots of new vocabulary. Brilliant to go down to Smithy. Well resourced. Thank you!.”

St Martin’s School, Owston Ferry, June 2019

“Perfect for my tripod.”

Rambler, Hatfield Moors, 2019

“It gives you a higher perspective on the Moors.”

Rambler, Hatfield Moors, 2019

“Unique learning opportunity opened up so many questions about the trackway, the Neolithic people that built the trackway and the natural environment in which they are living. The event leads also made this an interesting but fun day, whereby everyone was involved. Good community spirit and overall a rewarding day.”

Trackway Building Session, 2019

“What a fantastic weekend about the Hatfield Trackway and learning how to use Neolithic tools and how the tools affect us.”

Community Builder, 2019