“The Trackway project has been a breath of fresh air. A revelation, no less. It’s been great to work alongside local people and academics alike. All of whom have the same passion for interpretation of the past. The variety and scope of the project has tied everything together beautifully. I have been happy to contribute my time and energies to such a worthwhile cause. As far as I can tell, Access was available to all; in fact, people were actively encouraged to become involved. Barriers, were smashed; or at least put to one side. Everything had the feeling of openness. This in turn led to a greater level of involvement and understanding. Participation has thus been increased and I’m sure will continue to do so. Hopefully, in fact, I’m sure this will be simply the start of something really special. This is how the world of archaeology can coexist; in fact thrive in a world where everybody misses Time Team”