Ever wondered what’s under your feet?  Have you dug in your garden and found something interesting, but you don’t know what it is?

The #IoAHC project ‘Presenting the Past’ with Heritage Lincolnshire would like to get the residents of Belton digging and investigating their own gardens.

With supervision, support and mentoring from the team you too can become an archaeologist of Belton.

If you have a small area of garden or land (1m x 1m) that you don’t mind digging up then please get in touch.  It isn’t as messy as it sounds!

The information collected from these garden test pits will add to the area’s historic record whilst building a much clearer picture of what was happening in Belton hundreds perhaps thousands of years ago.

All you have to do is volunteer your garden, recruit 3 or 4 more helpers and let us know which date you would like.  During the dates archaeologists will help guide you through the process of digging and recording your finds.

Dates available: Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th June, Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th July

You only have to be free on one of the days to participate.

For further details contact: Lydia.henry@heritagelincolnshire.org or alex.rowbottom@heritagelincolnshire.org or call 01529 461499